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A Bit About Us

How A Tinchy Bit of Sparkle was born.

Whilst the world has been flipped upside down thanks to the Covid situation, Tyler and I found ourselves shielding for the majority of 2020. In this time we both did alot of work on our mindsets and the importance of feeling loved and being positive. At the beginning of 2021 he decided he wanted to do something nice, that would spread the message of love and positivity to people, in order to give them the pick me up that they might need.

Tyler is 9 years old and I am so proud of his achievements. He started by making the positive affirmation crystal jars, this range is continuing to grow and he currently has many different crystal chips ready to launch in the coming months. He is also responsible for all the products that go onto the site and the packaging of them to go to there new homes. I (Amy / Tyler's mum) basically look after all the back office on his behalf, which will eventually get handed over to him as he learns the different processes.

If you have any suggestions that you want to see, please feel free to get in touch.

We are both so grateful for your love and support! 

Love Amy & Tyler xx

Image by Viktor Forgacs
Image by freestocks
Image by Clark Tibbs
Image by Clay Banks
Image by Nick Fewings
Image by Nick Fewings
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